Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Funny Band Names

Presenting the Brutal and Endearing, "Ringworm"!

No, you can't get ringworm from a banana.  It's about as silly as this picture.

Have you ever wondered what these people were thinking when they named their band?  I'll try to keep it clean as I can without missing the highlights of titles.  Some of these band names are offensive.  

Pig Destroyer - Ha!  I had to check out this out.

A band named Bob - Yeah, mainly they do Blink 182 covers.  Tisk Tisk

Aha - "I've got it!  We'll call ourselves, 'Aha'!"

Armpit - Truly terrible.  Check it out https://armpit.bandcamp.com/

Angry Salad - I'm sold!

Big Ass Truck - Nah

Butthole Surfers - For real: a whopping 3 million+ views on YouTube for the song, "Pepper"
-What is this world coming to?

Diary Queen Empire - Seriously guys.  Don't quit your day job

Evil Wiener - No!  Not the evil wiener!

Grim Skunk - ??

Kinky Slinky - naughty slinky deserves punishment

Ok guys!  I could keep going on and on because the list of horrible names is amazingly huge.  Google it yourselves.  I've compiled a few videos in case the curiosity becomes unbearable, here


Some of the most offensive band names are affiliated with Metal bands: Cat Butt, Anal Blasphemy, Big Poo Generator.  That's going on the light, but rear-end of band names.  I dare not post some of the others that are listed on this page,


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